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ABOUT Herb Store Terms & Conditions

  • About LongLife Online Herbal Store


    Our CONDITION-PRODUCT index is extensively cross referenced by condition and herb product. ALSO - please use the search feature in the header on this website.

  • Our Mission

    LONG LlFE HERBSĀ® provides the best in herbal formulas. Herbs are available in capsules, teas and other forms. Chinese medical doctors and herbal pharmacologists have joined forces, using microbiological testing and clinical trials, to verify the effectiveness of our herbs. These dedicated researchers have proven that many herbs inhibit or kill specific viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi and parasites that cause disease, and they support healing of glands, nerves, organs, bones, muscles and tendons.

    All our products conform to the highest standards published in the latest edition of the Chinese Ministry of Health Pharmacopoeia

    Combining our knowledge of ancient Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines with modern herbal preparation technology, our herbal products contain maximum amounts of natural, active ingredients. We bring these products from nature to you.

  • Order by Phone Toll-Free

    Simply dial 1-800-829-2126, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. For local customers, please call (206) 522-0910. To speed the processing of your orders, please use product codes when ordering.

  • Order by Fax 24 Hours A Day

    Fax your orders to us at (206) 525-4739. Be sure to include your name, account number, product codes and quantity of each herbal product order.

  • Shipping

    We will ship all orders via UPS (wherever available). UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air and 3-Day Air are available upon request. UPS ground shipping is free for orders $250 and over. In the state of Washington, sales tax is charged on shipping fees.

  • Terms

    For new customers, initial orders must be prepaid by check, money order, Visa or Mastercard. Otherwise orders must be sent COD. The COD charge is $6.00. Financing is available. Please request a credit application form, and once credit is approved, terms are net 30 days. The finance charge on balances over 30 days is 1.5% per month. PAYPAL is the default payment system on this website; if you have no PayPal account, you may use major credit cards with PayPal as an option.

  • Refunds

    We will gladly replace or refund you for any defective goods or shipping mistakes. We must be notified immediately upon receipt of any damaged goods and request documentation for defective products. We are sorry, but we cannot accept delayed claims for damaged goods. In the unlikely event that you receive damaged goods, please also contact UPS to have them return the goods to us for replacement or refund, at no charge to you.

  • Out-Of-Stock Items

    We automatically back order out-of-stock items and ship when available, unless notified in advance. Credit card orders will not be charged for out-of-stock items until orders are shipped to you. Any prepayment made on out-of-stock items will be refunded. If you have any questions, just give us a call!

  • Product Guarantee

    We guarantee satisfaction and the highest quality of all our herbal products, with the provision that herbs must be properly prescribed for effectiveness. We do not guarantee satisfaction for misprescribed herbal products. Again, we request documentation of defective products before replacement can be made.

  • Price Changes

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Returned Checks

    There is a $25.00 service fee for all returned checks.